The canvas and the painter

Know your worth. Then add tax.

We invest billions into a message telling us we are not good enough.

We diet to lose weight

because we are told to look a certain way. Did you know?

Dieting is the behavior that most often leads to an eating disorder.

Feed your body what it needs and wants,

not a culture selling you an industry to profit from your pain.

Why lose yourself to look like not yourself; tell me, what do you gain

In allowing yourself to be painted by the eyes of another

Who claims to know art?

To my fellow human beings, women, men, trans, and the indefinable…

You are enough.

You set the stakes.

You choose how to look, what to wear, how to be.

You make yourself according to your standards.

If the world is too small to see your beauty,

the world does not deserve you at your natural.

You are simultaneously the canvas and the painter.

The world can provide the paint, but

they cannot tell us how to stroke the brush.