The Emily Program Foundation Welcomes Adera from Penumbra’s Summer Institute

Keri Clifton

Penumbra Theatre’s Summer Institute is a three year leadership development program that trains teenagers to use their passion for the arts to promote social justice and equity. Across the Twin Cities, students are positively impacting their communities by standing up, speaking out, and moving those who listen with the power of performance.  As part of the third year, students get an opportunity to intern at a host site and experience advocacy in action.

An artist, athlete and rising humanitarian, Adera Preston joins The Emily Program Foundation for the summer of 2013.  Adera will be a junior at Hopkins High School in the fall. A national pageant winner, she dances, sings, acts and does creative writing in addition to playing volleyball and softball. Adera is a third-year activist artist in Penumbra Theatre’s Summer Institute and is currently creating a show there. She hopes to obtain life-long skills by working with the brilliant Emily Program Foundation staff.