The Need for Prevention: Beth’s Story


We asked our community to tell us why it’s time to better equip adults to help children develop healthy relationships with food and body. Beth shared her perspective.

As a child, there are many seemingly “harmless” comments people made about my body or the way I would eat that really impacted my body image and ultimately contributed to my eating disorder.

I don’t want my wonderful, smart, vibrant children to grow up in a world where someone tells them they have a “fat tummy” or “sure eat a lot for a girl” and it’s just something that is accepted. We need more education and awareness around the POWER that the judgments we make and the words we use have on people, specifically children.

That’s why I choose to volunteer with The Emily Program Foundation and be a part of shifting mindsets and making the world a better place for my kids and everyone!

Beth is chairing The Emily Program Foundation’s new Women’s Leadership Council. The Council is a collective of women committed to raising awareness and funds for our mission. If you’re interested in joining or learning more, click here.