The Shameless Selfie

In today’s society, with more than 300 million Instagram users and over a billion active Facebook accounts, it seems only logical that these sources of media are a main form of communication and interaction in many people’s day to day lives.  With media constantly pushing the thin ideal and the role that weight and size plays in this ideal figment of beauty, many women are finding themselves less confident and more insecure with their own bodies.

When looking at my own photos on social media, I notice that I rarely find a picture of just myself.  I am either with my family, a group of close friends, or non-existent in the photograph all together.  Don’t get me wrong, family reunions and Mount Rushmore are all worthy of being captured in a photograph.  But whatever happened to a picture of just you?  A selfie.  Some may argue that a selfie is a call for attention.  A desperate way to get Facebook notifications, Instagram likes, or favorites on Twitter.  But did anyone ever think that a selfie, a picture of you and only you, is actually a statement of strength? Of empowerment?  Of course it’s awesome to snap a picture of the beautiful view you enjoy at the top of the mountain after a long day’s hike.  But what’s even greater and more beautiful, is when you are in front of that amazing view from that mountain peak.  Instead of concentrating on how sweaty and gross you may look after completing that two hour ascent, focus on the pure satisfaction and strength you feel knowing your body allowed you to climb that mountain.  The same goes for a day when your hair or outfit is completely on point and you just feel beautiful.  Stop and snap a selfie.  It takes only a second and once you snap that picture, take a couple more seconds to appreciate yourself.  Then go one step further and share your selfie with the rest of the world.  Tweet it, Instagram it, or post it to Facebook, all as a way to remember how amazing you truly are.  A selfie isn’t narcissism or shallow self absorption, it is a pure act of self empowerment.  A way for you to show the world that you appreciate yourself just as you are.  Of course there are days when our hair wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, or we spill coffee all over our brand new shirt.  Those things will happen.  Those days are the ones where selfies are needed.

On the days where you rip your pants because you’ve put on a few pounds over the last month, or you eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s because your boyfriend cheated on you, that is the time to take a selfie.  Look at that picture and reflect on that day.  Realize that life is full of ups and downs; but regardless of those lows, it is the journey all together that makes life interesting and the inner strength and confidence in ourselves that keeps us pushing through to the next day.  So waste no more time, and get out there and #selfiestrong.