Twin Cities NEDA Walk

At the Mall of America people gathered to raise awareness about eating disorders during the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week at the Twin Cities NEDA Walk. Leaders in the field, providers, people personally effected, and family and friends joined in the fight against eating disorders.

One of the Foundation’s volunteers summed up the event:

How cool is this that we are in the largest mall in the country spreading eating disorder awareness. Usually shopping can bring up tense feelings for those who struggle with the disorder, but here we are, bridging the gap between society’s expectations of body sizes with clothing and eating disorder awareness!


Jillian Lampert, Chief Strategy Officer and Dirk Miller, Executive Chairman and Founder of The Emily Program were recognized as leaders in the field of eating disorders.

debbie and princesses


Even the Disney Princesses joined the NEDA Walk! These princesses prove that beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.

81% of ten year olds are afraid of being fat, so it is fantastic that we can educate children’s idols of the harmful effects of eating disorders.