Unconditional Body Love

TEPF Volunteer

My body… I don’t appreciate it and thank it for all that it does nearly as much as I should. I love my body’s ability to heal and help me recover from the knee injury that I’m dealing with. I love my knees for all that I’ve put them through, all that walking, dancing and running. I love my brain because it help me control what I do every day, and it helps me formulate new strategies and ideas and put them towards my life as a whole.

I am so lucky to have a body that supports me in everything that it does, and even though it may get tired sometimes, and even though I am dealing with an injury right now, I love it unconditionally.

It’s hard to love my body sometimes because of outside factors and what other people think, but I should really only worry about what I think of myself. I take into account how many amazing things my body does each day to help me replenish and recover and to keep me going.