VANTAGE Student Experience – A Blog Series

Background Information –

Between October – December, 2016 The Emily Program Foundation worked with two student groups enrolled in an advanced professional studies program called VANTAGE through Minnetonka Public Schools. This partnership aimed to create a meaningful and professional learning opportunity for the students in VANTAGE as they completed quality, useable products for the Foundation. The Digital Journalism group created an educational video on eating disorders for teens while the Health Sciences team created a research report with a data analysis on teen’s experiences with their own body image, media influences and knowledge of eating disorders. This team also shared their learning experiences through a three-series blog posting, please see their reflections on what they learned through this process.

Survey Collection

Now that you have met the VANTAGE Health Sciences team in our post last week, the students share their research report experience.

After meeting with the Emily Program Foundation for the first time, our group was extremely excited to begin working with them. We first took a tour of one of the treatment facilities and received an information session on eating disorders. We all learned a lot more about how the Emily Program structures treatment and how it differs from other treatment facilities. In taking the tour, we got to see lots of different rooms including those dedicated to yoga therapy and to group therapy. Our favorite room was the vault room, as this particular space showed the history of the building and how The Emily Program tries to keep little historical pieces of the buildings they renovate to continue the connection with their communities. After visiting the treatment center, we began to design our survey which is going to be used to collect data on the influence of social media on body image and eating disorders. We talked with Emily Monson, who is our project contact within the Foundation, to make sure that we were respectful of the emotional aspect of the topic and so that we could obtain the correct information. After perfecting our survey, we sent it out to everyone we knew from teachers, other students and even to other schools to make sure that we had a large amount responses and a large demographic. It was so exciting to see all of the responses roll in and to see all of the pie charts of the data change. I think we all sat watching them roll in during our entire project work time, fascinated by watching our work come to fruition.