Welcome, Awazi!


Today we welcome our intern from Penumbra Theatre’s Summer Institute– Awazi Jaafaru! AwaziAwazi Imabong Jaafaruis in her ninth grade year at Twin Cities Academy High School. In her spare time, you will find her fiercely writing poems and thoughts in her journal. Awazi loves to sing and take part in school plays. She also likes to dance. Awazi’s social justice concerns include beauty and how society depicts how people are supposed to look. Awazi has completed two years at Penumbra’s Summer Institute and she is very excited to be back a third year to encourage and inspire others in social justice issues because this program made Awazi who she is today- an activist artist. We are so excited to have Awazi joining us and can’t wait to share some of the amazing work she’ll be doing. Great to have you, Awazi!