What Is Beauty? Campaign – TCA

The student-led project titled “What is Beauty?” is a partnership opportunity for schools to team up with The Emily Program Foundation to redefine beauty. What Is Beauty is a student-led campaign supported by The Emily Program Foundation staff and the school and focuses on the promotion of the importance of internal beauty and raises awareness of the dangers of focusing on external beauty. The campaign works to change the conversation about beauty and address the significance of internal beauty over external beauty. By raising awareness about issues such as eating disorders, self-image, peer pressure, and self-confidence by implementing ideas (found in the curriculum), real beauty may be defined. Our hope is to have students look at each other without judgment, to have continuing discussions about beauty, and be able to communicate with friends or family who might be struggling with body image and eating disorders.

Students from Twin Cities Academy participated in this campaign over the Spring 2016 Semester, raising the question of beauty with their high school peers. The Sophmores and Juniors at Twin Cities Academy engage in a service learning project of their choosing, splitting up into groups based on their interests. Fourteen teens chose the “What Is Beauty?” campaign, partnering with the Foundation.

The students created videos, posters, and ribbons, implementing projects to engage their peers and challenge day-to-day activities and behaviors that may result in negative body image.

Twin Cities Academy What Is Beauty? projects:

Objectively looking at magazines



Picturing how they see beauty


Developing social media pages for What Is Beauty?


“Take What You Need” boxes. The boxes are filled with inspirational quotes, thoughts, and actions


“Take What You Need” flyers


Define Beauty “selfie” board


Sticky-notes posted on the lockers, walls, and bathroom mirrors


Campaign ribbons


Student Interviews

For more information on the What Is Beauty? project, and to start a campaign in your school, please contact Emily Monson.