When you cannot remember that you are worth it

Mel Ness

Summer’s almost over.

This was the thought that crossed my brain on my way into work this morning.

[My thoughts in the morning are usually extremely short.]


Anyway, summer is almost over.

This caused me to start thinking about fall, which made me think of Thanksgiving, which made me think of what I’m grateful for in life.

So in the spirit of gratefulness, this is what I have to say:


Today is one of those days.

Everybody has those days [unintentional Kesha reference].

Everyone has those days when they feel as if they just don’t measure up.

Those days when you feel as if everyone else has it made…except for you.

Those days when you feel like everyone else looks better than you, is smarter than you, is making fewer mistakes than you, is a better driver than you [sometimes I get a little dramatic].

Those days when you feel like everyone else’s plan is working out except yours.


This is something I struggle with.

I struggle with these thoughts pretty often, actually.

Partly because I’m a girl, but mostly because I’m human.

And the struggle goes deeper than the physical level. It reaches pretty much every level I’ve got.

It’s hard for me to admit this because of a little thing called pride, but it’s true.


Now I want to tell you why other people are so great.

Other people are great because they find it easy to speak only good about you.

Other people are so great because, for them, it’s easy to lift you up and encourage you that while you are flawed, you are also perfect.

It’s easy for other people to see you for who you truly are because they are outside of you.

They can see your value, your significance, your meaning.

They can take your thoughts of condemnation and turn them into thoughts of worth, thoughts of gratefulness.


So, who are your ‘other people?’

Maybe it’s your family, your friends, God. Your co-worker, your spouse, your boss. Whomever.

Who are those people that act as your memory when you cannot muster up the strength to remember?


When you cannot remember that you are worth it.


“I will keep telling you that you are important, deserving, loving, intelligent, worthy, compassionate, beautiful, creative, inspiring, brave, true, strong, and able until you finally realize it for yourself.”