We need to raise $230,000 by December 31 to further our mission. 

WITH YOU, we know it’s possible. 


WITH YOU, we can…

Expand “What to Say”

“If I had known back then that her decision to go on a diet would be a fatal decision, I would have reacted so differently. But I didn’t have that knowledge.”

-Kitty Westin, mother of Anna who died from an eating disorder

We need to reach thousands more adults with simple prevention tools—and we are on a path to do that.  With your donation, we will grow “What to Say” beyond youth coaches to health care providers, teachers, and parents. 

Doing this important work—building, testing, adapting the content, and making it accessible via email or text message—takes time and resources.

Your donation will help us reach thousands of adults with impactful content and tools. Your donation will help build a healthy world for our kids.

Help more people get support for recovery

“It is so hard for people with eating disorders. They suffer all day long. The relief of having some financial support can help an individual have more time and energy to devout to recovery.”

-Eating disorder survivor

As we work to create this future for our kids, we are as committed as ever to walking alongside those with eating disorders who are working to recover, by providing one-time living-expense grants up to $500 for those in intensive treatment.

WITH YOU, together, we reached 100 people last year with financial assistance grants, but the demand is constant. We currently have a waiting list of individuals who need financial assistance in order to seek or continue treatment. With your donation, we can provide financial assistance to 150 individuals seeking treatment this fiscal year.

Your donation will help eliminate our waiting list of individuals needing financial assistance grants.

For more information on what will be possible with your support, read our 2019 Annual Report. If you have questions or ideas, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support.