Your Body is More Than Meets the Eye

Your body is more than meets the eye

If you really think about it, you are not your body. Stripped down completely, you are just a being. An amazing, special, wonderful being. Without your body though, you would not be able to experience anything.

Think about some of the best moments you’ve had in your life. The ones that really stand out. I bet you can remember every detail and I bet it doesn’t even seem real because it was complete bliss. How did it smell, taste, look, and feel? You would not have even experienced those moments had you not had your trusty legs, arms, knees, lungs, etc.

Your body is a beautiful vessel that carries you through life.

jessica-kaliher-1My body has allowed me to do many amazing things. Some moments that stand out for me is when I was hiking this summer along a waterfall with my two best friends. The air was so clean and fresh. Whenever I am in nature I always feel grounded being surrounded by big trees and a breathtaking jessica-kaliher-2sunset.

Or when I went to my first music festival in downtown Chicago and danced all day and night to my favorite artists in the pouring rain, surrounded by amazing people that share the same taste in music.

Then there was the time I met and hugged one of my favorite singers in the airport, or when I was jumping on the trampoline at 1 am with my family and laughing so hard my stomach hurt, or when I visited my college roommate/soul sister this summer and we spent the whole day on the lake paddle boarding.

The list goes on and on. You see, all these experiences had nothing to do with how I looked, but how I was able to take in all those moments through my body and senses. I didn’t worry or care about how my legs, arms, and stomach looked because I knew that my strong legs were helping me hike beside the waterfall, my arms made me feel free as I waved them in the air at the festival, and that my stomach was warm and fluttery because of how happy I was in each of those moments.

I hope you view your body not just as an outward shell, but as the thing that also carries your senses and emotions so you can smell the crisp fall air, and feel joy and peace when riding your bike on a beautiful day. Most of all, I hope your body brings you to more wonderful places full of sunshine, good people, and memories that will last forever.