Your Body Knows Best

As I get deeper into my nutrition studies in undergrad, I am stunned by all that food does for us. All of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are either right here on Earth for us to consume or our bodies make them naturally.

Take a moment to just think about that. Our bodies do so much maintenance that we aren’t even aware of.

It is completely natural to eat because that is how all organisms live and thrive.

The simpler it gets in my head (food=fuel), the more confused I am about how we got to a point in our society where certain foods are deemed as bad and should be restricted.

Whose idea was it that we know more about weight loss, “healthy” bodies, and proper nutrition than our own bodies do? Our body knows when it is not thriving, when it is hungry, when it is full, and it will tell us which one it is feeling. Why do you think signs of deficiency show up when we are lacking in a certain vitamin? If you don’t consume enough vitamin A for long periods of time, for example, you could develop dry, bumpy skin. Or when you are hungry, your stomach grumbles and you feel a bit foggy. Our bodies speak to us, we just have to listen!

The tragedy is being blinded by our own impulses and feelings, or recognizing them and deciding that looking a certain way or feeling in control is more important.

There is no reason that you should solely be seeking weight loss. Seek a healthy body, regardless of size because size does not always equal health. your-body-knows-bestIf you focus on becoming healthy by eating a variety of delicious, fresh foods, moving your body, and doing things that make you happy, it will all add up and your body will return to its natural state eventually.

If a “diet” has a bunch of rules, and you find it hard to maintain all of them, then it’s probably not right for you. If you feel bad for breaking one of the “rules,” you should probably stop. If you are unable to focus in school or work or even just make it through the day- that is not normal. Normal eating should be intuitive and make you feel good, let’s not complicate the process.

At our core, our bodies know best and the more we love them and get in touch with them, the easier they are to read. If you put time into treating your body right, it will thank you.

I know there is a lot of conflicting and controversial information out there, but try not to get bogged down by it all. Instead, go back to the basics, trust yourself, and listen internally because your body knows best.