Eating disorders can be prevented and treated.

We empower prevention.

We strengthen support for recovery.

We aim to serve millions of people with simple, accessible resources that work to 1) reduce the risk of eating disorders through upstream prevention and, 2) help people break through practical barriers in pursuing recovery.

Our activities include:

The What to Say Pledge

What to Say is a new initiative dedicated to equipping adults with simple tools to help kids develop healthy relationships with food and body. We’re starting by asking all adults to stop talking about weight and stop engaging in harmful food labeling for the kids in their life.

Check it out and join the initiative at

Financial assistance program

For individuals pursuing recovery from an eating disorder, financial hardship can make completing essential treatment challenging or unattainable. We issue one-time grants for living expenses to help quickly remove simple – but very real – financial barriers.

Learn more or apply for assistance.


Annual Report

With you, we have made major strides in 2020. To learn what has been possible, and what will be possible with your continued support, read our 2020 Annual Report.

If you have questions and ideas, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you, and thank you for your support!