You have a powerful voice. Know what to say.

What adults say around kids about food and body is incredibly powerful. WithAll’s What to Say equips adults with simple, actionable tools, tips, and talking points to help kids have a healthy relationship with food and body. 

Providing financial support in your time of greatest need

Recovery is possible. We’re here to remove the financial stress and barriers that can get in your way. If you are your loved one are in need of financial support to seek intensive treatment for an eating disorder, our living-expense grants may help. 

Will you join us?

With all of us, a world without eating disorders is possible. Join the fight to prevent eating disorders and support recovery. 

Take the WithAll Family Mealtime Challenge

Mealtimes together have profound health benefits for the whole family. Share a meal as a family and grab a deck of our mealtime conversation cards to support time together that you all enjoy. Salud!

WithAll is a nonprofit on a mission to prevent eating disorders and support recovery by providing simple, accessible tools that help people act. WithAll’s What to Say is actionable tips and tools to equip busy adults with how to talk with and around kids about food and body to support lifelong health. By providing quick-turnaround, living-expense grants, WithAll provides the financial support needed for individuals to pursue intensive treatment for an eating disorder in their time of greatest need.

Thank you to Deluxe for making our June What to Say Q&A video possible.