WithAll's Recovery Support Program

Are you seeking intensive treatment for an eating disorder, but expenses are getting in your way?

WithAll's Recovery Support Program

You are doing the most important work of all – recovering yourself. WithAll wants to do what we can to support you in reclaiming your health.

While pursuing recovery from an eating disorder, financial hardship can make completing intensive treatment challenging or unattainable. Living expenses (such as rent/mortgage, groceries, childcare, or transportation) can be overwhelming obstacles, especially if you’re navigating time off from work or school for treatment. You are not alone, WithAll is With YOU. 

Apply now for a WithAll living-expense grant to help alleviate your top financial stressor while in intensive treatment.

You are eligible to apply if

  • You have an eating disorder diagnosis from a medical provider.
  • You are in an intensive program treatment setting. An intensive program is defined as at least 9 hours a week and can include Intensive Outpatient, Intensive Day/Partial Hospitalization, and Residential Treatment.
  • You need financial assistance for your rent/mortgage, childcare costs, groceries, or transportation (gas, car payment, etc.).

Information needed to apply

  • If applying for rent/mortgage or childcare support, you will be asked to upload a bill, statement, lease, or letter showing the monthly or weekly fee for this expense.
  • If applying for groceries or transportation support, you will be asked to upload a receipt or similar showing the need for this expense.
  • Name and phone number of your treatment provider who can verify your enrollment and level of treatment.


Due to high demand and a desire to make the application process more accessible to our applicants, starting January 1, we will begin a new process for applying to our Recovery Support Program.

On the first day of every month (or the following Monday if the first is on a weekend) starting at 8:30am CST, a form will be available for 24 hours on our website where you can request to apply for a grant by providing your name and email address. We will be using a lottery system (random selection) to invite applicants to apply for a grant in the current month.

Recipients will be notified by the 5th of the month if they were selected or not selected. If selected, recipients will have until the 10th to return their application, authorization form and proof of expense. Those who are not selected, or don’t return all of their application materials within the timeframe, will need to start the process over the following month.


The next lottery opens on June 1 at 8:30am CST


Do you identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color*?  

Click here to apply for a grant from our Recovery For All fund.


To preview the recovery support program application, click here. 

Application Process & Timeline Expectations


At WithAll, we want to walk alongside you through your intensive treatment journey. Therefore, grantees might be eligible for continued support beyond the first check. Grantees will be emailed one month after receiving their first check with a few quick follow-up questions to determine their eligibility.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email.

Para solicitar una solicitud en español, envíenos un correo electrónico.

Support is granted up to 20 weeks and begins the week of application.



*For the sake of brevity, WithAll uses the term BIPOC to indicate Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We acknowledge each individual’s right to self-identify and recognize that not all people for whom BIPOC is intended would choose to label themselves as such. WithAll understands the limitations of labels and embraces both the unique and shared elements of every individual’s lived experiences.”


Recovery Supporters

Thank you to Luther Automotive Foundation and all of our Recovery Support Program Sponsors for supporting those seeking treatment for eating disorders this year. With You, with partners, we renew and restore hope and health!


The Anna Westin Memorial Fund

This special fund of our Financial Assistance Program honors the memory of Anna Westin. Anna had a spirited heart and a bright future. At age 21, after years of suffering with the shame and stigma she encountered around her anorexia nervosa, Anna died by suicide. Her mother, WithAll co-founder and Board Member Kitty Westin, led a two-decade national advocacy effort that achieved the first-ever federal legislation for improved eating disorder education and treatment. Anna’s spirit and Kitty’s resolve motivate us daily to fulfill our mission. Each year, 20% of our Financial Assistance Program grants are designated from the Anna Westin Memorial Fund.